Installation Work

This year at WROUGHT Festival, we have some installation work anyone can enjoy before and after the ticketed performances.

Geraint Edwards presents two installation work and Tomoko Inagaki has curated a video installation of leading Japanese visual artists.


Conflux by Geraint Edwards

conflux diagram sq(1)

This 5-minute looped video connects literature, music and visual art with the role of the spectator, focused on the unseen connections between the three disciplines in the language we have unknowingly chosen to encode our representations.
All 3 include a-f.  Occasionally, all three coincide, creating a word, melody and colour set, however incongruously or inappropriately.

These connections represent the infinite number of proverbial trees falling in the woods; inaudibly, colourlessly and without semantic definition. The audience is the temporary witness to this silent, invisible unarticulated connection; a channel which re-closes when the audience leaves.


We Stood on the Bridge by Geraint Edwards

WeStood Photo

This is an interactive storytelling experience for two or more people which raises questions concerning our relationship with technology, especially our use of mobile technology.  The work questions to what degree the infinite opportunities for digital communication provided by mobile technology have impacted on our experience and behaviour, and whether through embracing quantity over quality of communication, we may become alienated from our immediate surroundings.


Video Work curated by Tomoko Inagaki

  • Tomoko Inagaki “in-between” (7 min)
  • Nobuaki Itoh “living/dead” (15 min)
  • Chie Matsui “Heidi 54 – Purusha” (22 min)
  • Nobuyuki Osaki “Shining mountain/Climbing the world #02” (8 min)
  • Meiro Koizumi “Double Projection #1 – Where the Silence Fails” (15 min)

This series of video projection showcases some of the leading Japanese video artists who work internationally. This video installation was curated by Tomoko Inagaki for her solo exhibition TEGAMI Project in Hamburg. This is a mutual collaboration between TEGAMI Project and WROUGHT Festival: while these visual artworks are shown in Sheffield, the documentation of Tomoko’s performance of The Day It Is Raining at WROUGHT Festival will be shared in Hamburg.