Tomoko Inagaki – The Day It Is Raining


Immerse yourself in the room where it is raining.

Tune your senses to the space.

You start to see, taste and feel what is holding the world together.


* * * * * *

The photo courtesy of the artist.

The Day It Is Raining is about a rumor that the rain, contained radiation just after Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on 11th March 2011, was harmful. We didn’t know if it was true or not. All we could do was just to decide to believe the rumor or not to believe it. The installation is about the rain of that time. It is almost all transparent. You and I drink a glass of ‘liquid’ together without any exchange of words. We try to understand each other and to feel respective reality.




The Day It Is Raining is an installation piece which constantly grows and transforms via performance intervention taking place within. The building process of this installation is open to the public through the windows of Mugen Tea House at the Hide (8th – 14th April 2016) and the final product will be exhibited for a week after the festival (free entry, 18th – 24th April 2016). Follow the process where the artwork is being built and developed across three weeks.

Tomoko Inagaki is a visual and performance artist based in Osaka, Japan. She works with diverse art media – video, installation, photography and performance. This is the UK premiere of The Day It Is Raining and her first visit to Sheffield.

Read an excerpt from the art catalogue of her recent solo exhibition, Project ‘Mirrors’ from here. (Scroll down for the English translation)