Third Angel – Cape Wrath

Third Angel - Cape Wrath
Third Angel – Cape Wrath

Third Angel presents 


An epic journey in a stationary minibus.

Written and Performed by Alexander Kelly

Directed by Rachael Walton


After he retired, my Grandad went on a trip from the Midlands up to Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly point of his native Scotland. He sat, looked at the sea, and thought about his life. Then he got up and went home. Over 20 years later, I got on a coach and followed in his footsteps. This is what I learned.


Third Angel presents a story of family, of fellow travellers, of whisky and chocolate, of the longest bus journey in Britain, told to an audience of just 14. Completely sold out for its run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, Cape Wrath is heartfelt, moving and funny. A compellingly intimate journey to the edge of the island.


“This charming, totally involving show…a must-see.” The Skinny

“This enchanting ride.” Exeunt Magazine

A Scotsman Hot Show, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Third Angel - Cape Wrath
Third Angel – Cape Wrath







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Third Angel

Third Angel makes entertaining and original contemporary performance that speaks directly, honestly and engagingly to its audience.  Established 1995, the company makes work that encompasses performance, theatre, live art, installation, film, video art, documentary, photography and design.  Third Angel uses styles, techniques and interests discovered in our more experimental work for other spaces, to create new theatre that plays with conventional forms while remaining accessible to a mainstream audience.


The work is devised, directed and designed by the two Artistic Directors and founders, Rachael Walton and Alexander Kelly, in collaboration with an expanding group of associated artists from a range of disciplines. Projects tour through Europe and further afield, and carry a range of influences from the culture around us: visual art, current affairs, novels, magazines, comics, film, television, music, radio chat shows.


Cape Wrath completes the ‘accidental trilogy’ made up of the acclaimed and influential performances Class of ’76 and The Lad Lit Project.


“The great thing about Third Angel is that you never know what you’re going to get….Heavenly work.” The Guardian


“Consistently innovative and challenging….extraordinary performances.” The Times


“The consistently excellent Third Angel.”


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