Silvia Mercuriali – Wondermart

Photo by Ant Hampton


Written with Matt Rudkin

Sound Design by Tommaso Perego





By turns amusing, moving and strangely entrancing Wondermart is an autoteatro piece that takes you on a journey through the familiar surroundings of the supermarket. Wearing headphones and anonymous behind your trolley, you are guided around the aisles immersed in a private soundscape.

The real blurs with the imaginary, and the every day setting of the ‘high density retail environment’ is rediscovered for decidedly non commercial reasons.

“…a delicious anti­consumerist meditation through the dream state of aisles…rendered powerless in a quirkily situationist amble” The Herald Scotland

wondermart ….succeeds, like the best of theatre, in shining a new light on the quotidian of human experience” The Irish Times

On Rotozaza’s hugely successful show, Etiquette:

“gripping… If the line between audience and performer seems blurred, Rotozaza’s ‘Etiquette’ erases it entirely.” New York Times/Herald Tribune