Michael Pinchbeck – The man who flew into space from his apartment

Michael Pinchbeck, ‘The man who flew into space from his apartment’ (2015) PHOTO: Julian Hughes


‘Genuinely gripping’ A Younger Theatre


‘A terrific theatre-maker’ Lyn Gardner, Guardian


The first thing to do if you ever find yourself expelled into the vacuum of space is exhale.


An immersive slideshow inspired by an installation by Russian artist Ilya Kabakov. A guest performer follows instructions on headphones that they have never heard before in front of 10 people at a time. The audience becomes ten characters in Kabakov’s work.


The performance explores what it’s like to escape, making a journey like Kabakov, between east and west, flying and falling, attempt and failure. Outer space meets the theatre space as the journey of the man who flew into space from his apartment collides with that of the guest performer, taking a leap of faith and heading into the unknown.

Michael Pinchbeck is a writer, theatre maker and dramaturg. He writes plays and tours devised work nationally and internationally. He has been selected for the British Council Showcase three times and his most recent work, Bolero, has toured the Balkans.