Leo Burtin – The Midnight Soup

Leo Burtin


The Midnight Soup is an intimate performance meal by Leo Burtin, it starts as a monologue, and in gentle and unpresuming ways opens out to become a conversation. The Midnight Soup tells the story, of an unremarkable woman, who every day, sat down to meticulously record the facts of her life in a diary, until one early summer day, she chose to end her own life.

The Midnight Soup is the love letter of a grandson to his grandmother, it is also an edible memorial, celebrating a life lived to the rhythm of the seasons.

The Midnight Soup is a new piece of work, the development of which has been supported by Arts Council England.



Leo Burtin is an artist, creative producer and writer based somewhere along the West Coast Main Line.
Leo describes himself as a socially engaged practitioner, and his work often takes place at the crossroads where genres and disciplines meet, blend and blur. In the recent past, he has worked with imitating the dog, Raisin & Willow, Rajni Shah Projects and Blast Theory.