Kib Smyth – The Museum Full Of Things

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You are invited to visit The Museum Full Of Things

Gaze at the objects

Wonder at the heritage

Fill it with your memories




Kib Smyth is a performance maker based in Sheffield. She organises a monthly work-in-progress event for performance makers/artists/writers called the Herd of Cats. Anyone with a half-baked idea is welcome to come along to discuss their own and others’ work.


Performance work by Kib Smyth includes:

Museum Piece: Isabella – A solo performance, which can be shared in an installation or studio setting. In this piece, objects are displayed in an attempt to try to piece together a lost family history.

Just Playing – A one-to-one performance piece, which allowed the participants to explore the meaning of play for ‘grown-ups’. This work was an invitation to play and to reflect on the value of just playing. This piece was shared at Wrought Festival in 2014.

Someone Else’s Story – A story told using photographs of the performer of an imagined story of survival in a time of devastation and isolation.