Clare McManus – Speak Clearly

Do you flinch when you hear your own voice recorded?

Do you feel like an idiot every time you leave a voicemail?

Do your friends fail to recognise your phone voice?  


Speak Clearly is a fun master class in how to make a successful recording for your voicemail or other purpose. It stems from my own insecurities over many years about my voice, and a desire, after the emotional intensity of Tread Softly for audience and performer, to create a contrasting lighter, more playful piece.  


Clare originally trained in mime in Paris London and Prague and performed in small scale touring theatre. When motherhood put an end to touring she worked as a drama facilitator then became an arts manager focusing on engagement. Over the past few years she has been exploring ways of returning to her performing roots including an MA in Theatre and Performance at the University of Sheffield where she fell in love with one-to-one performance. Her first piece, Tread Softly, on loss and memory was part of the first Wrought Festival.

Clare is also an Artistic & Quality Assessor for Theatre and Participation for Arts Council England.