Artists 2014

Walking: Holding / Rosana Cade

Photo by: Rosie Healey
Photo by: Rosie Healey

A woman with a shaved head takes your hand in the station. A large man dressed in black follows you down an alley. An Indian woman holding a rose greets you outside a pub. A six-foot drag queen walks you past a church. A hooded youth puts his arm round you as you sit together on a bench. A white haired woman hugs you good-bye as you leave. 

Walking:Holding is a walk through your city, in the hands of strangers…

This intimate performance for one audience member at a time provides a gentle meditation on sexuality, difference and acceptance.

Presented as part of Spill National Platform and Showcase 2013.

Sense / Sharron Devine

Sense is a one on one experience that stimulates all five senses in an intimate journey that puts the audience at the heart of the experience.

Sit with me for a moment and remember / Michael Pinchbeck

Photo by: Julian Hughes

A bench with a plaque reading Sit with me for a moment and remember is placed in a public space. It is both a dedication to a loved one and an invitation to a stranger. You are invited to sit on the bench to listen to a recording that reflects on what it means to sit for a moment and remember.

ROOM / Sophie Grodin, Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden and Alan Fielden


ROOM is a story-telling experience for one (or more) blindfolded person(s). It’s entirely improvised each time in response to the audience’s imagination. Amongst many other things, it has been described as virtual reality without a headset, an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and purposeful daydreaming.

Partly as a response to text-based computer games that give the illusion of autonomy, the experience affords an imaginary space where there are absolutely no limits. Co-created by the audience and the narrators, it’s a live manifestation of collaboration and co-authorship.

Etiquette / Rotozaza

Photo by: Nico Goldberg

Etiquette is a half-hour experience for two people in a public space. There is no-one watching – other people in the cafe or bar are not aware of it. You wear headphones which tell you what to say to each other, or to use one of the objects positioned to the side. There is a kind of magic involved – for it to work you just need to listen and respond accordingly. Some say it’s good to do this with someone you know, someone to share this with. Others say it works well with a stranger.

A Rotozaza Production by Ant Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali

funded by Arts Council England and produced by Paul Bennun (Somethin’ Else)

ViewMaster / Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman

Viewmaster001       Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Gorman: Viewmaster

ViewMaster is a personal & poetic slideshow for your eyes and ears only. An imaginative leap to another country and a step back to the wonder of childhood.

Making Time / Krissi Musiol

KM_Making Time

Make something happen in 1 year or 10.

A one-to-one piece about living, about doing, about not putting off tomorrow.

About making time for all the things we want to do.

I’m delivering to you your dedication.

I will do my best to ensure it reaches you on time and in one piece.

KINDLE-ing / Hayley Alessi


From clutching my very first library card aged 3 to collecting various texts and novels during my degrees, books have always been a huge part of my life.  They signify important times, good and bad, and are my escape route from the everyday.  Passed down by family and friends, given as gifts, tracked down in second-hand bookshops – where I’ve queued for the author’s signature after readings – and unbound proofs chanced upon during my travels.

I love the smell and texture of them, the crisply printed new pages waiting to be opened; and foxed, slightly musty, fragile leaves printed before I was born.  But now I find myself weighed down by them, hemmed in by my overflowing bookshelves and in need of some new memories and experiences.  Yet find it impossible to physically let go of any of my books. 

Would you help me find a way to gain some shelf and headspace, and entrust these precious objects into the care of others?

HELP ME POSE / Alison J Carr

Scan 2

In Help Me Pose Alison J Carr invites the audience to collaborate with her ― helping her to embody pin up poses of long forgotten performers.

home / Silvia Champion


‘Home’ can mean different things to different people.

Clare Cooper Marcus says “A home fulfils many needs: a place of self-expression, a vessel of memories, a refuge from the outside world, a cocoon where we can feel nurtured and let down our guard.” (House as a Mirror of Self, p.2). For some people ‘home’ can be a very different place to the one above.

What does home mean to you? How do you feel about your home?

This is Mine. What’s Yours? 2014 / Lauren Hart


A site specific based performance for one audience member at a time. You will be invited to share an intimate moment with a gorilla. There maybe sharing of secrets via notes passed underneath a toilet door, listening to a song that means more than you realise, sharing a cuddle on the sofa to shed the loneliness, confessing over a cup of tea, dancing for the death of a loved one, singing at the top of your voice to a song you can’t remember the words to, daring yourself to reveal more than you planned…

Tread Softly / Clare McManus


What happens to a shared memory if one person no longer remembers?

This piece explores the power of memory; good and sad, vibrant and buried.

It touches on love and loss. 

Each performance lasts between 10 – 15 minutes. 

Toast / Bridie Moore

Photo by: John McClumpha
Photo by: John McClumpha

A simple slice of toast can be many things. It can be the way to comfort yourself, to feed yourself in an emergency or it can be the start of a conversation.

In this piece Bridie will make you a slice of toast and spread it to your specification. She will tell you what toast means to her. She will ask you what it means to you. The conversation will last just the length of time it takes for you to eat a slice of delicious, comforting, convivial toast.

Gluten-free bread is available.

Just Playing! / Kib Smyth

Illustration by Josephine Scales
Illustration by: Josephine Scales

An invitation to play.

Just that.

Nothing too complicated.

After all, we know how to play.

Don’t we?

Rachel Smith (Documenter in residence)


From the periphery of the Wrought festival durational artist Rachel Smith will be drawing out language.
Overheard conversations and text drawn from the margins of the event will visually merge to document overlapping and truncated narratives from around the performative experiences.