6 Days and Counting…

WROUGHT is almost in sight.
Tomoko Inagaki arrived on Thursday from Japan and is now building her installation The Day It Is Raining in the Mugen Tea House, Sheffield. She has recruited a number of volunteers to help her create rain. I think this will be a really beautiful and captivating performance.
One performance of Cape Wrath by Third Angel has already sold out, and generally tickets are selling well (despite our complicated ticketing system which is in itself a piece of alternative art).
We are thrilled that Terry O’Connor of Forced Entertainment and Rachael Walton of Third Angel have agreed to be the guest performers for Michael Pinchbeck’s The man who flew into space from his apartment showing on Sunday 17th April. They will step on stage having never seen the script before.
We will stage Leo Burtin’s beautiful piece The Midnight Soup in the Quaker Meeting House on Saturday 16th April. This is where storytelling, sharing and soup come together.
We’ve received audio from Silvia Mercuriali and scripts from Ant Hampton and Gert-Jan Stam, we’ve secured a brilliant photographer and a documenter-in-residence, we’ve met our volunteers, and drafted the final programme.
It’s all coming together and as each item gets ticked of the To Do list, my confidence grows in the knowledge that we are building a really exciting and extraordinary festival.
It would be great if you could join us.

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