WROUGHT 2015 to be postponed…

This is an update about WROUGHT developments:

Unfortunately, despite our successful crowdfunding campaign, and what we felt was a robust and convincing Grants for the Arts application, the Arts Council have decided not to fund WROUGHT at this time, but that isn’t to say that they won’t fund us at an alternative time.

We received a letter telling us this on Friday, and since then we’ve been discussing and considering our options.

One option is to continue with minimal funding and to produce WROUGHT in October as planned. However, understandably, this will make it impossible for some artists to be involved, and we have such exciting artists interested, that to lose their work at WROUGHT would be hugely disappointing. We would have to scale everything down and whilst we feel that this will still result in a good festival, what we want to produce is a brilliant festival.

The other option is to postpone, to talk to the Arts Council about our application and to look at other pockets of funding. This way, we will be able to pay all of our established artists (something which we are wholly committed to doing), support our emerging artists and our volunteers, and produce a festival that is full of quality and ambition, and meets the high standard we have anticipated for WROUGHT.

It’s been a very difficult decision, but  it is with apology and optimism that we have decided to postpone WROUGHT until early 2016.

We’ve been letting artists and investors know about this decision over the last 24 hours and the response has been amazing. All the brilliant performers we wanted to bring to Sheffield are happy to come in the spring, and there has been nothing but support and generosity from our friends and audiences.

We’re really sorry that we’re not able to produce WROUGHT in October, but we think that this decision may actually, hopefully, result in an even better festival in the long run.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We’ll keep you updated about developments on the website, facebook and twitter.

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