3 days to go….

Seven days ago we started a crowdfunding campaign to help us raise 10% of our total funding goal. We are now up to £400 of our £550 target and I am giddy and humbled by the support we’ve received. The system is simple – you pre-buy a ticket for an (as yet) non-existent festival in October 2015, sit down on your seat, and we’ll build a festival around you.

First, brick by brick, we’ll build a venue and call it The Hide. Actually, we should probably go further back. First, we’ll create a city full of industry and learning and we’ll call it Sheffield. It’s a great city with lots of interested, event-attending audiences who want to seek out a different Saturday night and truly inspiring performance. And then we’ll build a venue and call it The Hide.

We’ll put a banner across the door and posters on the window. Inside, we’ll have an army of volunteers full of information and ambition in festival-branded t-shirts. There will be a citroen van selling pinxtos and wine. There’ll be artists and art: installations made for one, and conversations with strangers. You’ll experience performances in places you’ve never seen performances before: in a car, in a supermarket, in the street, in a hotel room. You will hear stories and you will go on adventures. There will be atmosphere. A great atmosphere. There may even be dancing. There will definitely be discussion.

That, and more, is what we will build. That is what your investment and support in WROUGHT is buying. So thank you. Sit tight on your seat, close your eyes and when you open them again in October (admittedly a long sit tight) you will see WROUGHT 2015.

I’ve been working on a Field of Dreams analogy all afternoon. I think that explains the above 4 paragraphs. I’ll keep working on it.


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