News: We’re running a workshop

The producers of WROUGHT: A One-to-One Performance Festival present:wrought sofa

An introductory workshop exploring One-to-One performance

On Thursday 9th April 2015 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.  at Theatre Delicatessen on the Moor.

This workshop explores the basics of one-to-one performance, looking at practical examples and themes that influence one-to-one. It also offers an opportunity to start developing a piece of performance.

One-to-one (one performer/one audience member) is an exciting strand of contemporary live art which produces diverse responses. It can be generous and restorative, exciting and questioning, or simple and beautiful. Each performance is individual and unique.

Last October, the first WROUGHT: A One-to-One Performance Festival took place and it was a huge success, bringing the work of local and national performance artists to Sheffield audiences. Continuing that theme, we are thrilled to be working alongside Charlotte Blackburn and Theatre Deli to deliver this workshop, which is the first of a range of one-to-one workshops being offered over the next few months.

This is a FREE event open to all.  No prior knowledge or performance experience required – anyone interested in this art form is welcome.

To register your interest in attending the workshop, or if you have any questions, please email or simply turn up on the day.

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