Sharron Devine – Sense


Challenge your five senses with Sharron Devine in her newly conceived piece for WROUGHT, Sense.


Sense by Sharron Devine

Sense’ is a one on one experience that stimulates all five senses in an intimate journey that puts the audience at the heart of the experience.


Sharron trained as an Actor at East 15 Acting School in London and has been working/training professionally for 15 years. Sharron’s non one on works are usually very physical and visual with music playing a vital role in her creative process and end works. Sharron has been researching/creating and performing exclusively with Danish site/human specific experts Cantabile 2 for 5 years. She first worked with the Company in Scotland as part of SURGE Festival (Glasgow) and then was invited to create work with the company for the my world images festival (Copenhagen), IETM (Copenhagen) Urbanplannen (Copenhagen) and Valby (Copenhagen). Sharron creates one on one work with Cantabile 2 by combining the universal world with the personal world. She is based in Edinburgh.

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