Rosana Cade – Walking: Holding


Photo by: Rosie Healey
Photo by: Rosie Healey


Walking: Holding by Rosana Cade

A woman with a shaved head takes your hand in the station. A large man dressed in black follows you down an alley. An Indian woman holding a rose greets you outside a pub. A six-foot drag queen walks you past a church. A hooded youth puts his arm round you as you sit together on a bench. A white haired woman hugs you good-bye as you leave.

Walking:Holding is a walk through your city, in the hands of strangers…

This intimate performance for one audience member at a time provides a gentle meditation on sexuality, difference and acceptance.

Presented as part of Spill National Platform and Showcase 2013.


Rosana Cade is an artist who mainly works in live performance. She roots her identity, practice and politics in a queer discourse. The form of her performances vary and tend to respond to each individual process. She has made intimate work for one audience member at a time, worked with groups of non-performing participants in different cities, worked with family members, created studio based performances both as herself and in various personas, and performed in multiple guises in cabaret and club settings.

Through all of her performance work, including (especially) the everyday performance of herself, she aims to disrupt heteronormative ideas about gender and sexuality.

She received the Athena Award via New Moves International for ‘Walking:Holding’ in 2011. The work has since been shown at various festivals and venues across the UK and internationally, and continues to tour.

Her latest performance: ‘Sister‘, a collaboration with her older sister exploring feminist ideas about sexuality through their own autobiographies, is part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Rosana has recently been awarded an Artist Bursary from Arts Admin and is also one of five artists in Scotland selected to be part of the second round of the Auteurs project.

Along with her best friend, Nick Anderson, she is co-founder of  live performance festival //BUZZCUT//. The festival is a collaboration between two artists and friends in Glasgow dedicated to creating holistic and progressive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with live performance across Scotland and beyond.

(Biography quoted from Rosana Cade’s web page:

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