Alison J Carr – HELP ME POSE


Find Alison J Carr in an intimate space performing her HELP ME POSE. A brief and participatory encounter.

HELP ME POSE by Alison J Carr

In Help Me Pose Alison J Carr invites the audience to collaborate with her ― helping her to embody pin up poses of long forgotten performers.

I consciously immerse myself in popular culture with the intention of finding the permissions, the wiggle room that it offers.  In my art I embody personas that are constructed through encounters: with art works, books, ideas, and in quite often, showgirls.  My life changed when I was at a car boot sale in August 2005. I saw a tin of cigarette cards and I leafed through all. Each depicted a pin-up photograph with a mini biography on the back. For reasons unclear to me, I wanted to be in the photograph. I bought all 10 photographs featuring dancers and knew immediately I wanted to re-create them all. This led to my series Wish You Were Here, Real Photographs.
Since then, my work has evolved, yet these pin-ups continue to fascinate me and inform my work.

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