Kib Smyth – Just Playing!

Illustration by Josephine Scales
Illustration by Josephine Scales


Fancy a game? When did you last play a game? Kib’s Just Playing! explores what it is ‘to play’ and plays with the idea of ‘play’.


Just Playing! by Kib Smyth

 An invitation to play.

Just that.

Nothing too complicated.

After all, we know how to play.

Don’t we?


Kib Smyth

As an artist, I am seeking ways of negotiating the real and the fictional through performance.  Recent work has explored identity through imagery, storytelling and heritage.  The presence of the performer is central to my practice, but equally crucial are the ideas beyond the performance.  Play is valuable; it is also fun.  Work and play should not be considered as opposites.  The piece presented at WROUGHT emerged from research that I undertook this summer as a part of my Masters dissertation. My piece attempts a delicate balance between presentation and interaction by offering the audience member opportunities to observe and to listen, as well as to participate.  One-to-one offers the true possibility of a unique performance for every audience member.  Through theatre and through performance, it is possible to find ways to play that can illuminate.

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