Clare McManus – Tread Softly



In her Tread Softly, Clare unfolds her own memory to invite you to an intimate conversation.


Tread Softly by Clare McManus

What happens to a shared memory if one person no longer remembers?

This piece explores the power of memory; good and sad, vibrant and buried.

It touches on love and loss.

Each performance lasts between 10 – 15 minutes.


Clare originally trained in mime and physical theatre in Paris, London and Prague. She worked in small scale touring theatre for a number of years. She subsequently worked in arts administration and management with an emphasis on community engagement and participation. While attending the Clore Cultural Leaders Course she realised that she really wanted to get back to exploring her own creativity and has been investigating this for the past 5 years through performances with e.g. Protein Dance and Sheffield People’s Theatre. She has relished the challenges offered by the University of Sheffield’s MA in Theatre and Performance in working on previously unfamiliar contemporary theatre forms, in particular one-to-one performance.

Tread Softly was created to explore two concepts; the idea of performance as a gift, which led to consideration of other gifts, and the power of objects to hold and tell stories. It also explores ways of using contemporary theatre forms to explore dementia, to accompany my dissertation on representations of dementia in contemporary theatre.  The piece is not ‘about’ dementia, but more broadly about loss and giving. Although it can produce strong emotions, these can be happy as well as sad, and the performance creates a space for reflection.  I would like to continue to develop performance and writing around authenticity and intimacy.


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