Silvia Champion – home



There are more to see than what’s on your ticket at WROUGHT.  One of them is home by Silvia Champion – come and interact with her artwork.


home by Silvia Champion

‘Home’ can mean different things to different people.

Clare Cooper Marcus says “A home fulfils many needs: a place of self-expression, a vessel of memories, a refuge from the outside world, a cocoon where we can feel nurtured and let down our guard.” (House as a Mirror of Self, p.2). For some people ‘home’ can be a very different place to the one above.

What does home mean to you? How do you feel about your home?


For WROUGHT: A One-to-One Performance Festival, Silvia has constructed a house for one person. Inside there is a shelf with paper and pens inviting visitors to write down what home means to them. Little soap houses are offered to the visitors in return for their thoughts.

Central to Silvia Champion’s interdisciplinary work is an enquiry into how space becomes a place, how a place is experienced and constructed. Her projects are often process orientated and respond to a specific site, exploring its history and how materials reflect time. Works include site-specific installations/performances, language based works and video.

People’s written responses from home will feed into Silvia’s investigation into the concept of home, what it means to us in an age where society is highly mobile and how we feel about the house as home we live in. Other strands of this investigation are visits to people’s houses to talk about their home; the artist also makes models of homes as well as planning the build of her own home.


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