Krissi Musiol – Making Time

KM_Making Time


Some one-to-ones are about nostalgia and about here and now; and others are about what awaits you – the future.

Think of future you with Krissi Musiol in her Making Time.


Making Time by Krissi Musiol

Make something happen in 1 year or 10.

A one-to-one piece about living, about doing, about not putting off tomorrow.

About making time for all the things we want to do.

I’m delivering to you your dedication.

I will do my best to ensure it reaches you on time and in one piece.


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Since 2004, Krissi Musiol has been developing her own unique performance style, incorporating culture and identity, fusing together poetry and found materials, autobiographical experiences as well as themes of gambling and cake!

Making Time is Krissi’s first one-to-one performance.  Her previous works have been studio based pieces, but this project sees her inhabit other spaces in and outside of the theatre environment, connecting with theatre audiences and the general public.  Making Time has toured festivals, cafés and museum foyers over the past year and is engaged with collecting, archiving and sharing.

Krissi has an MA (distinction) in Theatre Studies (2007) from Manchester University and received her undergraduate training in BA (Hons) Theatre Studies (2004) from Lancaster University.  She currently lectures in Contemporary Theatre & Performance at the University of Central Lancashire.

twitter: @krissimusiol

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