Hayley Alessi – KINDLE-ing



Come and see Hayley Alessi in KINDLE-ing at WROUGHT, a performance piece which invites you to conversation about books, memories and what they mean to you.


KINDLE-ing by Hayley Alessi

From clutching my very first library card aged 3 to collecting various texts and novels during my degrees, books have always been a huge part of my life.  They signify important times, good and bad, and are my escape route from the everyday.  Passed down by family and friends, given as gifts, tracked down in second-hand bookshops – where I’ve queued for the author’s signature after readings – and unbound proofs chanced upon during my travels.

I love the smell and texture of them, the crisply printed new pages waiting to be opened; and foxed, slightly musty, fragile leaves printed before I was born.  But now I find myself weighed down by them, hemmed in by my overflowing bookshelves and in need of some new memories and experiences.  Yet find it impossible to physically let go of any of my books.

Would you help me find a way to gain some shelf and headspace, and entrust these precious objects into the care of others?



HA_biog pic

Hayley Alessi, artist at WROUGHT

Hayley Alessi’s practice is based upon everyday encounters and experiences; psychogeography, and verbatim voice in contemporary performance.

Recent work includes: In the City a Selfie based on Terry O’Connor’s performance research and taking the ideas of the Situationists and the flaneur it explores the city through overheard verbatim speech; a semi-autobiographical piece Bien Dans Sa Peau, influenced by the work of Bobby Baker and the concept of the body as a site of performance; and Temptation a One to One piece that is playful and explores the concepts of guilt and forgiveness of oneself and others. She is also founder of VERBAL Theatre, a company promoting new writing and live art in Sheffield, that provides a monthly scratch night as a space for people to try out work, and produces a quarterly showcase of new work.



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