Bridie Moore – Toast

Photo by: John McClumpha
Photo by: John McClumpha


Come and experience Toast by Bridie Moore which invites you to an intimate conversation.

Toast by Bridie Moore

A simple slice of toast can be many things. It can be the way to comfort yourself, to feed yourself in an emergency or it can be the start of a conversation.

In this piece Bridie will make you a slice of toast and spread it to your specification. She will tell you what toast means to her. She will ask you what it means to you. The conversation will last just the length of time it takes for you to eat a slice of delicious, comforting, convivial toast.

Gluten-free bread is available.


Bridie is a theatre maker, director and facilitator with over 30 years experience of making performance in conventional and unconventional settings. She is currently doing a practice based PhD, researching the performance of age and ageing. Committed to socially engaged practice, she works with all sorts of people to explore issues that affect disadvantaged individuals and groups. She has made intimate and one to one performances as part of her research: her first performance, The Life Course explored the questions and complications that result from a life lived in time, and her intimate performance 50: a Birthday Party was a real-time celebration of her 50th birthday in the form of a children’s party. A Blueprint for Ageing, with Passages Theatre was an immersive performance for a small audience; it explored prescriptions, schema and images of the ageing process, and was shown this summer as part of the Terra Incognita Festival in Sheffield. Bridie values the opportunity for genuine connection, caring and conversation that is offered by one to one performance, and sees it as a form of radical intervention, an antidote to the commodification of relationships that is encouraged by Western consumerism. She is excited to be presenting Toast at the Wrought Festival.

Video of A Blueprint for Ageing by Passage Theatre:

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