Rachel Smith – Documenter in Residence


 Rachel Smith, Documenter in Residence at WROUGHT

In WROUGHT: A One-to-One Performance Festival, Rachel will take the role of Documenter in Residence and engage with the space, the audience, and the performances taking place to produce creative documentation of the two-day festival.

Rachel Smith’s practice is founded on durational and procedural processes, embracing the freedom offered by constraint. Drawn lines describe and embody presence and materiality. In a white noise of information she acts as a conduit, filtering language and re-presenting it. Existing narratives are truncated in the work, allowing space for alternative readings. Here non-communication becomes a strategy for emphasising the visual nature of text, and as a method of escape from the constant stream of transmission. The gaps, the fragments, as well as the deleted or forgotten are as much of interest as the object of language itself.

From the periphery of the Wrought festival durational artist Rachel Smith will be drawing out language. Overheard conversations and text drawn from the margins of the event will visually merge to document overlapping and truncated narratives from around the performative experiences.



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