Call for Artists

The call is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted the proposal. We will get in touch with you soon.

***Call for Artists***

Deadline: Monday 8th September 2014

We aim to showcase up to 16 artists in the very first WROUGHT: A One-to-One Performance Festival, which takes place on the 11th-12th October 2014 at the Hide in Sheffield, and we would like to invite up to 8 emerging, Sheffield-based artists to take part.

Applicants don’t necessarily need to have previous experience in one-to-one performance, and pieces considered work-in-progress are welcome. However, you have to be able to demonstrate a strong and clear idea about the final piece you are presenting, or developing towards the festival.

The requirements are simple:

It has to be: 1) a performance piece for an audience of one, 2) up to 20 minutes in length, and 3) a new piece of work.

Any interpretations of these requirements are welcome, whether they be an encounter between two individuals, a piece of durational performance, an installation which engages one person at a time, or an immersive one-to-one performance using audio-visual.  All that we ask is that you are innovative and ambitious.

We can provide a variety of spaces at our venue: the Hide, ranging from a sofa in a hidden corner of the building, to a disused bathroom. You can convert one of the spaces into something completely different with your own design or use the outdoor space and more.

As selected emerging artist you will get: an opportunity to develop your piece further at a scratch performance event organised by WROUGHT in late September; £100 towards expenses and props needed to produce your piece at WROUGHT; an opportunity to present your work alongside a range of nationally acclaimed artists within the festival; and additional, on-going support from the producers.

Please send us your application at by Monday 8th September 2014 with the details specified below:

Your artist CV with personal details (name, affiliation, email address and contact number). Please include any recent practice in your CV.

The details of your performance piece. Please indicate as much as you know at this point, including title, synopsis, tech requirement (e.g. lighting, props), duration, how many times you can perform over the two days, whether you need an assistant/usher with a specific role, etc.

Risk assessment of your piece. This can be a list of potential risks and health and safety issues at this point. Selected artists must complete a risk assessment form at a later date.

Your availability between Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th October. Thursday 9th and Friday 10th are the preparatory period (get in, setting up, rehearsal) and Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th are the actual performance period.


Please drop us a line if you have any queries as to the application process. We will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing your great ideas!

Moe and Erin



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