Scratch Performance Day: Toast, posing and gorilla

We held a Scratch Performance Day with WROUGHT last week on 20th August 2014 at the Hawley Building at the University of Sheffield.

First of all, thank you for everyone who was involved in this event. We had 3 performers and 7 audience-members on the day, and it was such a pleasure to welcome Sarah and Emma from Control 25 to join us.

* Control 25 (, @control25fest) is a One to One performance event on 8th November 2014 Liverpool.

The Scratch Performance Day had three performers:

Bridie Moore presented her well-structured Toast,

a visual artist Allie J Carr tried out her ideas in her I’m re-performing for you, and

Lauren Hart from (For) As Long As Love Last shared her humorous piece, This Is Mine. What’s Yours?;


All three of them were interesting pieces in very distinctive ways with potential to be developed even further. I’d like to avoid giving away too much detail so that I won’t spoil anyone’s experience in the future (hence, no photos yet). The subtitle of this blog post (Toast, posing and gorilla), borrowed from @control25fest‘s tweet, concisely represents what the day was about.

We will soon announce the detail for application process, and the application will be open to all, not limited to the attendees of the workshop and scratch event. The deadline for the application will be followed by another Scratch event where applicants have an opportunity to try out their pieces.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Moe x

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